Toshiba  will have offloaded memory business by June
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Still needs anti-trust approval

Less troubled electronics maker Toshiba expects the sale of its $18 billion memory chip business to be completed by June at the latest, if not by an agreed deadline of the end of March, as it awaits antitrust regulatory approval from China.

Boffins come up with replacement for 200 year-old tech
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Finally, out-evolved Faraday

Inductors are a mainstay of the technology world, in fact they have been pretty much the same since their 1831 invention by Michael Faraday.

IBM’s homomorphic encryption library goes like the clappers
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75 times faster

IBM has rewritten its C++ homomorphic encryption library which it says can now go 75 times faster.

Apple’s Full-Page Display disaster fondly remembered
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Tame Apple Press commemorates Steve Jobs' brilliance

Desperate that its favourite toymaker seems unable to come up with new products, the Tame Apple Press has gone all nostalgic about something Apple did in 1989.

Intel releases Optane SSD 800P
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Targets enthusiasts and professionals

Chipzilla has announced the release of its Optane SSD 800P which is designed for enthusiasts and professional users.

Euro chip sales continue to climb
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Up up and away

The European Semiconductor Industry Association (ESIA) said sales of semiconductors in the region rose by 19.9 percent in January, compared to sales in January 2018.

Xiaomi Mi Mix 2s to launch in Shanghai on March 27th
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An alleged hands-on video confirms smaller corner notch

As we draw closer to the official launch date of Xiaomi's Mi Mix 2s flagship smartphone, with both the date and the location confirmed by the company, it does not come as a surprise that more leaks are going to show up online and the latest one shows a small top corner notch for the front camera.

Fresh AMD CPU roadmap with new codenames leaks online
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AMD will keep AM4 and TR4 sockets

A fresh leak of AMD's CPU roadmap has leaked online confirming some of the previous rumors and codenames as well as giving a glimpse of new HEDT, CPU and APU codenames that will come in 2020.

Switch and router revenues climb
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New IDC report

Beancounters working for IDC have added up some numbers and divided them by their collective weight and decided that the worldwide Ethernet switch market recorded $6.9 billion in revenues in the fourth quarter of 2017.

Apple admits serious violations of its labour and environmental policies
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To be fair, it has been public about it all

The fruity cargo cult Apple has been rather brave and washed some of its dirty laundry in public about how some of its products are made in nightmare conditions.