AMD appears to have 3D V-Cache functionality on RX 7900 XT
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Not sure why

Semiconductor engineer Tom Wassick has discovered 3D V-Cache functionality on one of AMD's 7900 XT GPUs.

Baidu creates own AI chatbot
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Ernie outperforms Bert in China

Baidu is set to roll out its own AI chatbot in March. It will also be embedded into Baidu's main search services, meaning users could soon get conversation-style search results.

CRM outfit users AI to make artificial enzymes
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Salesforce moves beyond its core competency 

The maker of customer relationship management software, Salesforce has made a surprise move into scientific research. 

Kano claims Warner nicked its smart wand
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He who should not be named approves 

A court case is brewing between the makers of a kiddie-friendly smart-wand and Warner Brothers.

Google fired employees by email
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Then locked out

Some Google employees were shocked to get to work and discovered that they have been fired. 

Apple sued for not providing good enough privacy
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Apple sued for not providing good enough privacy. Users complain that the company told them it was brilliant.

The Fruity cargo cult Apple is in hot water for not providing users with the privacy it claimed.

Boffins create a shapeshifting robot
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None of them saw Terminator II

Boffins, who clearly don’t think seeing science fiction movies is cool, have designed a shape-shifting liquid metal that can transition between the solid and liquid state.

Intel confirms Meteor Lake for second half of 2023
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Lunar Lake in 2024

During its rather disappointing quarterly and yearly financial call, Intel confirmed that both its Meteor Lake and Lunar Lake processors are still on course.

ChatGPT is over hyped
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27 January 2023

ChatGPT is over hyped

Can't even be a Fudzilla journalist

This morning we saw how BuzzFeed is reportedly set to useAI chatbot ChatGPT, to help create some content so we thought we would give it a try at writing Fudzilla copy.

Samsung gears up mini-LED gaming monitor
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43-inch version of Odyssey Neo G7

Samsung is launching its first flat screen mini-LED gaming monitor in the first quarter.