Self-driving cars reveal shortfalls
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DMV request shows that self-driving cars have bugs 

A demand from the California DMV of eight companies testing self-driving cars has highlighted a number of areas where the technology falls short of being safe to operate with no human backup.

Ancient mines might energise the battery market
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Tin mines now viable again

Britain's long abandoned tin mines might be reactivated as the global electric car revolution pushes demand for tin.

UK conducts cyber attack on Islamic State
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Seven TRS-80s and a couple of macs burst into flames

Blighty is claiming to have conducted a "major offensive cyber-campaign" against the Islamic State death cult.

UK government uses AI to block jihadist content
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Rudd claims she can block Isis from the Internet

The UK government has unveiled a tool it says can accurately detect jihadist content and block it from being viewed and is thinking of forcing companies to use it.

Huawei looks to UK after US snub
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The US number one spying chum has no problem

While the US claims that Huawei is a spy for the Chinese government, it seems that the UK, which does a lot of US spy work, has no problem working with the company.

UK snooper's charter is illegal
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No oversight

UK judges have ruled that the British government's digital surveillance programme is illegal.

UK and France ally over AI
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Brexit backdoor remaining

While the UK government is frantically trying to show that it is really about Brexit, it is apparently doing deals with the French on artificial intelligence, data, cybersecurity, digital government and tech skills.

British ISPs banned from massaging broadband speed figures
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You can’t claim speeds that most users don’t get

Broadband firms will no longer be able to advertise broadband speeds based numbers that only a few customers get.

Echo show shows up in UK
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Took a while

Amazon's Echo Show is finally ready for British customers after being announced in May.

Russian hackers attack major UK sectors
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GCHQ is on the case

The chief executive of Britain's GCHQ cyber security centre said today that its spooks are aware of attempts to disrupt the UK's energy, telecomms and media by attempted hacks.