Foxconn to liberate 10,000 "zoo animals"
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Replace human zoo with robots

The Apple partner whose chairman Terry Gou famously compared his staff with zoo animals and once asked a zookeeper for management techniques has apparently given up on messy biological life and is replacing 10,000 of them with robots.

Foxconn hits record
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12 December 2017

Foxconn hits record

Thanks to consumer electronics boom

Foxconn executives are laughing all the way to the bank after the outfit reported consolidated turned in revenues of $18.85 billion for November

HP and Foxconn close joint server company
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Dissolving the joint because the synergies didnt breed

A joint venture server company established three years ago by HPE and Foxconn has been quietly dissolved recently for the terrible crime of failing to breed enough synergies.

Foxconn improves iPhone X yields
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Almost getting it to work

The problems that Foxconn is having with the iPhone X which have caused delays are starting to improve and apparently there are some starting to ship.

Foxconn to build LCD factory in US by 2020
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Will cost $10 billion

Foxconn will build three facilities in the US state of Wisconsin for operation as early as next year, as part of a campus housing a $10 billion liquid crystal display (LCD) factory due for 2020.

Wall Street fumes at Foxconn
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Expenses probably because of new iPhone costs 

The cocaine nose jobs of Wall Street are furious that Apple’s number one chum Foxconn fell short of its estimates by a huge 25 percent.

Illinois worried about Fox-con
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It will be 25 years before there are any benefits

The “great deal” which would see Foxconn open a show factory in the US is laced with so many sweeteners it looks like it will be a quarter of century before Illinois will see any benefit.

Foxconn admits new iPhone will be expensive
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A $1,000 is pretty close  after all

While the Tame Apple Press is doing its best to flog the iPhone 8 before it hits the shops, it might find that the price might be a snag.

Foxconn employee leaks iPhone’s internals
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A Ferrari running on a Windows XP machine – it explains so much

A Foxconn employee has snapped new images of the iPhone 8's internals and posted them to the Chinese social networking site Weibo.

Foxconn making 200 iPhones a day
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Trial production begins

The dark satanic rumour mill has manufactured a yarn which claims that Foxconn is having a few problems making the new iPhones (7s, 7s Plus and iPhone 8), but it turns out this might not be true.