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Eee PC to ship next month

by on20 August 2007

Taken longer than expected

The Asus Eee PC notebook will finally start shipping next month and we're talking world wide availability, not just some limited launch in certain markets. The first shipment is supposed to consist of some 20,000 units, although there's a catch here.

As reported earlier, the Eee PC will cost from US$199 and that's still the plan, but the bulk of the 20,000 units will be much higher spec and that model will be priced at $349. A further two models at $239 and $369 will also be available.

Asus is hoping to ship over 500,000 units before the end of the year with some 3-5 million units in 2008. Sounds a little bit insane to us, even with the attractive price points, as no real specifications have been revealed so far.

Considering that the XO OLPC and Intel's Classmate projects have already kicked off, we'll see how well Asus can compete in the ultra budget notebook market. But to Asus defence, the Eee PC is for everyone, not just for a limited market, so it might be possible that they can meet their goals.
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