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Intel believes Nvidia is panicking

by on11 March 2008

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Open fight

An Intel representative has described Nvidia as a company in panic. We already told you that there is a big feeling that Nvidia and Intel have started to confront each other, and now we have some proof of it.

Nvidia calls Larrabee a slide in a presentation, while Intel said that not giving them an SLI license shows that Nvidia is panicking and is grabbing at the last straw to keep its chipset business going. It seems like Nvidia really stepped on Intel's toes and it's not happy about it. This actually made Intel closer to ATI, a part of AMD, than ever before.

Just to spice things up, Nvidia added that GPUs are getting more important than CPUs and that the CPU is an obsolete technology, while the GPU is multi-programmable, nice and sexy. A representative added that Intel actually doesn’t know how to make anything apart from CPUs and chipsets. You can go out and buy a slow CPU and power it with a high-end graphics card and you will get a huge performance increase, and we agree with Nvidia, but this is not something that Intel really wants to advertise.

Intel has never been more confident and it knows what it’s doing, and so does Nvidia. Eventually this will be a big clash of the titans but we saw what happened to AMD as the company lost its grip after almost five years winning over Wintel.

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