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Nvidia's 8800M GTX MXM pictured

by on31 January 2008


Dual 8800M GTX in SLI mode


Nvidia has finally unveiled its Geforce 8800M GTX GPU, which should bring the highest possible performance in notebooks, especially if you place two of these together in SLI.

According to the press release, this should bring "extreme gaming experience" on notebooks for the newest PC games titles including Crysis, Hellgate: London, Call of Duty 4 and much more. In addition to that, 8800M GTX includes NVidia's 2nd generation PureVideo HD engine which should take care of H.264 video decoding, thus freeing the CPU for other tasks, which all sounds very neat on the paper.

According to the same press release the 8800M GTX GPU will soon be available from notebook manufacturers in North America and Europe, including Alienware, Dell, Sager, Eurocom, MALIBAL, Cybersystem, Multirama, Nexoc, and Rock.

For your viewing pleasure, this is what it looks like.


Last modified on 01 February 2008
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