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MSI's dual 3870 X2 pictured

by on24 January 2008


Two cards with four chips

MSI has decided to release the picture of two Radeon HD 3870 X2 dual chip cards in its own flagship X48 motherboard. This is the real CrossfireX and it even looks great, but you will have to wait for a while until the CrossfireX driver is out. For the time being, there is no driver for dual 3870 X2 cards or four 3870 cards.

The driver is promised for Q1 so, it should be here before April. MSI calls its cards R3870X2-T2D1G-OC and the cores work at 850MHz, while the memory runs at 1800MHz.

The card should be available as of Monday and here are two of them pictured in this mighty motherboard.


Last modified on 25 January 2008
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