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PowerColor launches Radeon HD 3650/3450

by on23 January 2008

First with the new cards

PowerColor has launched a range of new graphics cards today based on the ATI Radeon HD 3650 and 3450 GPUs. Oddly enough, there are no Radeon HD 3670 or 3470 products in PowerColor's new lineup.

In total there are four 3650 cards and one 3450. Starting from the bottom and working our way up, the HD 3450 256MB SCS features 256MB of 64-bit DDR2 memory with a clock speed of 400MHz, while the GPU is clocked at 600MHz. The card features a single DVI connector, TV-out and a D-sub connector. It's a low profile card with passive cooling.

Next up, we have the HD 3650 512M DDR2 SCS3, which is a 512MB card as the name suggests, although it's using 128-bit DDR2 memory which is clocked at 400MHz. The GPU is clocked at 725MHz, and this card is using PowerColor's SCS3 fanless heatpipe cooler. The card has two DVI connectors as well as TV-out. Almost identical is the HD 3650 512M DDR2, with the only difference being that this card relies on a tiny heatsink and fan to cool the GPU, much like the reference design.

Now we're getting to the slightly more interesting cards, starting with the HD 3650 512M GDDR3 PCS, which features 512MB of 128-bit GDDR3 memory clocked at 800MHz. The GPU is still clocked at 725MHz, but this card has a much beefier cooler and it's the first card here to feature CrossFire Bridge connectors. It has a pair of DVI connectors, but oddly enough it seems to lack TV-out if you have a look at the pictures. Finally, we have the HD 3650 512M GDDR3 Xtreme PCS which is an overclocked version of the aforementioned card with a memory clock speed of 900MHz and a GPU clock speed of 800MHz; apart from that, the card is identical.

The cards come with a rather unusual software bundle, as PowerColor supplies an application called iClone2 with them, which is meant to be some kind of a virtual movie studio application. You can click on the links above, which leads to each of the cards, if you want to find out more about any of the specific cards.

Last modified on 24 January 2008
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