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GeForce 9800 GX2 unveiled

by on04 January 2008


Pictures and specs appear

Our friends over at HardOCP have scored big with the first exclusive pictures of the upcoming GeForce 9800 GX2, and it's one big card. You can't really see much from the pictures, as the entire card is encased in plastic and it has a large rear-mounted fan.

It's a dual slot card and only has two DVI connectors, which are located at the middle of each of the two blanking plates on the card, which looks quite odd. It relies on a  two PCB design, which makes sense in terms of the location of the DVI connectors, but you can't really see anything as such clearly in the pictures.

According to HardOCP, the 9800 GX2 is using a pair of 65nm G92 GPUs, the same that you can find in the new 8800 GT/GTS. The card has 1GB of memory and a total of 256 Stream processors. which indicates that this is a dual G92-based 8800 GTS.

Their source claims that the card will be at least 30 percent faster than the 8800 Ultra, although this will, of course, depend on how well the game supports SLI. It will also be possible to connect two of these cards together for some Quad SLI action. This new card is expected to launch sometime in February or March.

You can find the original story and the pictures here
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