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ATI believes in DirectX 10.1

by on03 January 2008


RV620 and RV635 will support it

It looks that all the current and future ATI parts are going to support DirectX 10.1. This is the API that ATI believes in and Nvidia still refuses to embrace. Nvidia has a huge advantage, as it has most of the publishers and developers in its pocket, but despite all that, it will begin to look bad to consumers.

If ATI manages to beat Nvidia in performance, the consumers will start noticing that Nvidia doesn’t have DirectX 10.1 support.

The upcoming mainstream RV635, Radeon 3670 and 3650, and mainstream part and RV620 (the 55 nanometer entry level part) will support this new API.

For ATI it all looks DirectX 10.1, and naturally, R680 also supports the new API. We are sure that R700 can do the same, but we are not sure about Nvidia’s plan to support this API.

Last modified on 04 January 2008
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