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Wikipedia edited by CIA

by on16 August 2007


Besides Vatican, Democrats, Microsoft, etc.


An online tool created by Virgil Griffith of the California Institute of Technology to scan and trace Wikipedia edits has made a couple of intriguing discoveries.

Apparently, some CIA employees made edits to the wikipages of Iran's president, former CIA chief Porter Goss and celebrities like Oprah Winfrey.

Furthermore, a computer owned by the US Democratic Party has been used to alter the site of Rush Limbaugh, a right wing talk show host. The changes featured some heavy words such as „racist“, „bigot“ and „idiot“, whereas „Most of them are legaly retarded“ stands as an entry depicting his audience.

However, most impressive entry editing, at least to me, came from Vatican, as they used their computers to remove some incriminating links on Gerry Adams' wikipedia entry. Gerry Adams is the leader of Sinn Fein, the Irish republican party, and is allegedly connected to a double murder in 1971, as the incriminating links have stated until they were deleted.

Also, earlier this year Microsoft was caught offering money to people for polishing the entries about the company. The list goes on, and it includes US Congress, Democrat representatives, and more. Wikkid isn't it?

Maybe the same guys in black trenchcoats with tech day jobs deleted Fudzilla too. We're looking for a new Deep Throat to help out in our Fudzillagate investigation.

More here.

Last modified on 16 August 2007
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