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HD DVD vs Blu-ray in title numbers

by on21 December 2007


Codec wars

We managed to get some hard numbers on both Blu-ray and HD DVD and here they are.

The Blu-ray camp has released 441 movies so far, and 213 titles were Blu-ray Disk 25GB while 210 titles were on BD 50GB drives. 271 titles are exclusive to Blu-ray while 170 aren’t. It is interesting to notice that 157, or 36.68 percent, of the movies are MPEG2 coded, 152 or 35.51 percent are AVC/H.264, and 119 or 27.80 percent are VC-1.

HD DVD is in second place in this format war with 384 titles, 214 of which, or 55.73 percent, are exclusive to HD-DVD, while 170 or 44.27 percent aren’t. There are four formats present, HD15 is in 26 titles or 7.73 percent, HD30 is on 263 or 74.50 percent and it looks predominant, HD 15 combo is in 24 titles or 6.80 percent and finally HD 30 combo is in 40 of 11.33 percent of the titles.

Eleven HD DVD movies are using MPEG2 and that is 3.24 percent of total market, AVC is present in 34 movies or 10.03 percent and VC-1 is in 294 titles or 86.73 percent.

All the numbers for Blu-ray are here and HD DVD stats are here.

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