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Asus officially launches 1GB 8800 GT

by on07 December 2007

Uses Qimonda GDDR3

Remember the 1GB 8800 GT from Asus that we told you about here? Well, Asus has officially launched it now and it will feature 1GB of GDDR3 memory from Qimonda. The model name is EN8800GT/HTDP/1G and it will feature Asus's cheesy named Glaciator cooler, which is meant to keep the card seven degrees cooler than the stock cooler; it's meant to produce a mere 25dBa compared to 50dBa for the stock cooler.

The GPU will be clocked at 600MHz with the memory at 1800MHz, although there's no mention of Shader clocks in the press release. However, Asus supplies an overclocking utility that will allow you to overclock the Shaders and, according to the press release, this will allow for more than a 10 percent performance increase.

You can find the press release here

Last modified on 10 December 2007
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