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Crysis 25 percent slower on Vista 64 bit

by on28 November 2007


Compared to XP on 8800 Ultra

We just wanted to prove that Nvidia's driver for Vista 64 bit is definitely far behind the Windows XP driver. We compared Forceware 169.12 for Vista 64 and 169.09 for XP.

We tried the same demo under Windows XP and Vista 64 bit with the same hardware. The test machine was equipped with two Athlon FX74 CPUs at 3GHZ, 4GB of Corsair 8500 memory and two Raptor drives.

In Vista 64 bit, it turns out that you get only 26.51 FPS average with all settings at high, 1280x1024 with 4X FSAA and 8X Aniso. This is the best that Vista 64 can do for you. This is probably the lowest resolution you expect from Geforce 8800 Ultra overclocked card.

It wouldn’t be so bad if the same demo and the retail game itself at same settings score 34.83 FSP or some 25 percent better score under “old” XP. Under XP, the minimal score is 18.84, while under Vista 64 bit you get 7.9 as a minimal FPS.

In Windows XP, the maximum score is 44.51 while under Vista 64 with Nvidia Forceware 169.12 for Crysis the maximal score is 35.51.

To make the situation even worse, you cannot get anything close to playable frame rates in Vista 64 at 1280x1024 at very high settings and using this resolution. Nvidia had better fix these drivers, as Microsoft wants to sell more copies of its Windows Vista operating system, and after this there will be barely anyone who will choose to play Crysis in Vista 64 bit.

Last modified on 29 November 2007
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