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R700 is a multi-chip card

by on26 November 2007


But not sure how many

We learned
that R700 is a multi-chip solution, but that it won't be a single chip for the whole range. There will be RV7x0 chips for mainstream and entry level and I guess we've seen one more internal, catch the leak presentation.

The plan is to gain some experience with the R680 dual chip card and this marchitecture will be of part of R700's legacy. We just hope that R700 can get the performance that everyone expects, and we still don't know what the G100 looks like.

In one of my conversations with Dave Orton, former CEO of ATI, he mentioned that the day of multi-chip products will come. The biggest problem that they had to deal with was the cost, as it is it better to go multi- chip or multi-core.

We guess multi-chip is the future of high-end.

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