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HD3800 prices starting to appear

by on15 November 2007


€143 to €239

We took a quick look at several European price search engines looking for ATI's HD3800 series cards and found several listed last night. Naturally, some listings were taken down this morning, so there's not much point in linking the sites, but at least we've got a pretty good picture of what we can expect.

The HD3850 256MB is being offered for as little as €143 and it's set to cause havoc in the sub-€150 segment. The 512MB version will probably retail for 15-20 euro more, although we saw some pricier 512MB cards too. We will be on the lookout for price drops here, as the 8600 GTS and 2600XT cards will probably get very affordable very quickly.

We found just two HD3870 512MB GDDR4 cards this morning, and they're listed at €236 and €239, but you should expect lower prices for these parts.
Last modified on 16 November 2007
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