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Gigabyte's RV670 pictured, own design

by on07 November 2007

Radeon 2950 name lives on

At a visit to Gigabyte's offices in Taipei yesterday, we had the opportunity to get a picture of the company's RV670 based card. We're not sure if it was the Radeon HD 3850 or 3870, as the model name on the card was GV-RX2950P512, the P most likely an abbreviation for Pro. Hence, we'd guess it is a Radeon HD 3850, but we weren't told which model it was.

The model name will change before the launch to reflect the correct model name. It is Gigabyte's own design and it's great to see that AMD/ATI for once has managed to get design kits out to its partners before a product launch.

The card features a Zalman cooler and as you can see from the picture, apparently the memory chips don't require any additional cooling. The memory is from Hynix and was rated at 1ns.

Gigabyte has also designed a three-phase power regulation, compared to a two-phase design on the reference cards and they're using all solid capacitors on all their in-house designed graphics cards.

And here's the picture for you to drool over.



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