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RV670XT to end up 20+ percent slower

by on01 November 2007


Than the 8800 GT

Our sources
have confirmed that RV670XT, the card that might be called Radeon HD 3870, should end up more than twenty percent slower than the 8800 GT 512MB at its default clock.

ATI's chip simply cannot compete with 112 Shader units at such a high clock, but it will sell for some US$50 to $60 less to begin with.

RV670PRO will end up even lower priced, as it has the hard task of fighting the soon to be launched 8800 GT 256MB version.

The performance analysis is based on more than ten games and the current drivers, so if ATI comes up with miraculous drivers perhaps these will be even more competitive.

Last modified on 01 November 2007
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