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256MB 8800 GT available for pre-order

by on01 November 2007

In the U.K., arrives November 9th

Overclockers UK is already listing a 256MB 8800 GT under their own brand name that is ready for pre-order, and they will aparently have it in stock on the 9th of November.

The card isn't that much cheaper than its 512MB counterparts, as Overclockers UK is listing it at £146.86 including VAT, while their own branded 512MB card is listed at £176.24 including VAT.

While you can save close to £30, we're not sure if the trade-off is worth it, as it seems as if even the more demanding video games work quite well with 512MB.

The clock speeds remain the same:  600MHz for the GPU, 1,500MHz for the Shaders and 1,800MHz for the memory, so our guess is that the only real difference is that half of the memory chips are missing from the PCB.

You can find out more and pre-order one here

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