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8800GT at launch are all Foxconn

by on30 October 2007


Flextronics will come later

Many overclocking partners have suffered from Nvidia’s change of heart, as Nvidia decided to prematurely launch its Geforce 8800GT. Not even 24 hours have passed and at most places the cards are out of stock, and you will miss some of the usual suspects such as EVGA, XFX or BFG or the super overclocked cards from Zotac. Even Gainward decided not to overclock, as these Foxconn cards are not so great for that purpose.

These partners are waiting for Flextronics boards that should arrive in some two weeks. It all makes sense now, as ATI will launch its HD3000 series at the same time and Nvidia wanted to grab some attention before the ATI launch.

Flextronics is simply busy, as it is Q4 and it has a lot to do; but Nvidia partners will certainly suffer from that strategic decision.

Last modified on 30 October 2007
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