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Hybrid SLI doesn't do Intel

by on15 October 2007


AMD at first

Hybrid SLI is a marchitecture that will let the user plug a graphics card into some integrated motherboards and this will result in a direct performance increase, but only if you use an Nvidia card.

Integrated IGP graphics will boost the graphics card's performance and it will be faster, but only if you use AMD 750a and 780a. This marchitecture won't work on Intel's Nvidia 7x0i integrated chipset, at least not at launch time. It has to be a driver issue and it is interesting that we wrote about this back in August and got it right, here.

The Intel solution will come a bit later, probably next year, as there is not much time left in this exciting 2007. We remember that back at the summer analyst conference call Nvidia announced publicly that the company is traditionally faster and better with AMD’s chipsets and this is why Hybrid SLI launched at AMD's platform first.

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