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Going from 80 to 65nm is challenging

by on10 October 2007


Harder than many believe

A few sources have told us that going from 80 nanometre to 65 nanometre is really hard. ATI had a lot of problems to get the RV630 and RV615 generation out and it's not easy for Nvidia either.


Nvidia misses a 65 nanometre $99 part but it looks it found its piece with $199 and $49+ 65 nanometre market. Nvidia will still have to do the catching up game as it still has to go to 65 nanometre and than later to 55 while ATI is almost there with its new chips.


We don’t know that Nvidia has any plans to go to 55 nanometre that soon but Nvidia also doesn’t want to take any unnecessary risks and rush into the new process. This is something that ATI did at least a few times but it is ATI's chance for a big come back.

At one point they will get it right.

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