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8800GT comes with HDMI dongle

by on09 October 2007


Nvidia realized Multimedia

Nvidia D8P/G92 or simply called Geforce 8800GT  will come with HDMI dongle and Nvidia is following ATI RV630 / RV615 footsteps here.

It was upsetting how this little thing boosted ATI’s sales as many people have HDMI LCD and Plasma screens and they certainly want to connect their PCs on these big screens.

The great thing about HDMI is that it works really easy and it even comes on notebooks and this is really the first plug and play display technology. The big problem of HDMI is the royalty you need to pay and the HDCP license but if you want to enjoy HD-DVD or Blu-Ray you have to live with this evil protection thing.  

Last modified on 09 October 2007
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