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D8M/ G92 is Geforce 8800 GT

by on02 October 2007


London Exclusive: D8M/ G92 is Geforce 8800 GT

G92 or D8M is indeed a faster iteration of Nvidia's mainstream generation. It will be named Geforce 8800 GT and, as the name implies, the card should end up a bit slower than the current 8800 GTS series.

It will also be cheaper, but we still don't know the price. ATI will have its RV670 to compete with this part and there are some indications that RV670 can end up almost as fast as 8800 GTS, and that clearly indicates that it will be tight battle between RV670 and D8M, aka Geforce 8800 GT.

We wonder who will win this one, but it looks like ATI is getting better.

Last modified on 02 October 2007
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