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Mediox brings LCDs to food trays

by on26 September 2007


Ex ATI chap + Gigabyte involved

Alex Zhavoronkov, the former head of ATI's Russian office, is now involved in the company called Mediox and believe it or not these guys want to bring the LCD display to a food tray. The concept it rather simple and brilliant.

These guys want to offer this products to Quick service restaurants such as McDonald's or Burger King and most of these guys are very interested. Mediox decided that its cool to put the LCD display on the food trays and try to serve the adds to the customers while having its burger.

Gigabyte is making the prototypes and form what we know the prototypes are already done and sources close to company have informed us that the first deals with a big food chains are made. It is a company that wants to make the money the same way that Google did from the adds and there might be a lot of companies interested in such a device.

This display will have touch screen capabilities and it will be water proof cover of course, it will us an interactive graphical menu.

You can check it here.


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