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FireGL V7600 renders real car

by on24 August 2007


Games Convention 07: Lexus in real time

FireGL V7600 mainstream card based on highly anticipated R600PRO chip is capable of rendering the car demo that can render quite realistic Lexus, VW and some other classy business cars and we can tell that they look really good.


The demo runs at average 30 FPS and most of the textures are done in shaders with a very low polygon count. The reflection works really nice and the car can change the colour and reflects the world around it.


This demo is used by car industry to show you your next car before you buy it and sources close to FireGL graphic group said that this V7600 mainstream card is just the beginning of what the high end cards will be able to do.


This is how it looks.



Last modified on 25 August 2007
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