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MSI announces HD 2600 series

by on03 July 2007

Heatpiped BORG

MSI has announced total of five cards in its Radeon HD 2600 lineup. Three of those are powered by 2600XT GPU and the other two are Pro versions of the same GPU. There is another card listed on MSI's webpage but hasn't been announced in the official PR, OCed version of HD 2600XT GDDR4. This version comes with a overclocked GPU at 820MHz, and memory that is OCed to 2250MHz. 


First three cards comes from MSI's 2600XT lineup. First and the top offer is MSI RX2600XT-Diamond-512, based on 2600XT GPU clocked at reference 800MHz. This card comes with 512MB of 128bit GDDR4 that works at 2200MHz. Card is probably cooled by a reference cooler. There is no picture of this card, and we assume that the cooler should be the same as on OCed RX2600XT card.

Next in line is a heatpipe solution 2600XT with GDDR3, MSI RX2600XT-T2D512EZ/D3. Card has a passively cooled 2600XT GPU that is clocked at reference 800MHz.  Memory used is 512MB 128bit GDDR3 that is clocked at 1400MHz. Next card, MSI RX2600XT-T2D256E/D3, has the lower clock on GPU, and ended up at 600MHz, which is strange since it has a 2600XT GPU clocked at reference HD 2600PRO clock. Other specifications are the same, and only difference is that it's cooled with a fan. Both of these come with a choice of 256 or 512MB.


MSI decided to announce two HD 2600 PRO cards. The first one is a heatpipe solution, same one used on HD 2600XT versions, clocked at 600MHz for the GPU and 1400MHz for 256MB of 128bit GDDR3. The second card comes with 256MB of GDDR2 memory clocked at 1400MHz. A card's GPU is at the same clock, 600MHz. This card is cooled by either a fan or as a heatpipe solution.

All of these cards are of course DirectX 10 compliant, support Crossfire, and comes with HDMI over DVI adapter that can send the video and sound signal to your TV over the HDMI cable. 


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