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Entry level P850LV Calibre

by on15 June 2007
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Sparkle's muscle 8500GT


Sparkle announced yet another card in it's praised Calibre series, Calibre P850LV. The card is based on G86 core and comes highly overclocked. Another interesting thing is that it looks like the entire future Calibre series will use Graphics Display Port (GDP) or in plain words a little PCB that will show GPU and PCB temperature in real-time. Sparkle is surely sticking to it, and we saw some other partner going that way on Computex. Calibre P850LV graphic card also uses SPARKLE VGA Rectifier Technology (VRT) Technology, a iron bar on top side of the graphic card to enhances PCB and VGA card Shape.


Like we wrote, card is based on G86 core, and the card itself isn't the same as every other card on the market. Here are the good things, as you all know reference clocks for Nvidia's 8500GT card are 450MHz for the core, 900MHz for Shader clock, and 400 MHz for 128MB DDR2 memory. Now lets see what it means to carry a proud name of Calibre. Sparkle's Calibre P850LV comes clocked at 650MHz for the core, stunning 1300MHz for Shader clock, and saved best for last, 1600MHz for 128MB of GDDR3 memory.

These numbers sounds promising and the card itself looks great, black PCB always looked cool. 


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