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8600M and 8400M mobile DX 10 explained

by on10 May 2007

8600 and 8400M specifications

We wrote about Nvidia's announcement of this new generation of mobile GPU's here. Now it is time to take a closer look at the offered GPU models. The mobile GPU's will no longer carry the proud name of GeForce Go.


As you probably know, they are based on the G84 and G86 cores, the same as the recently launched Geforce desktop models. Of course we are talking about the GeForce 8600/8500 and the GeForce 8400/8300. They bring all the new features that comes with the GeForce 8 architecture, like DirectX 10 and the VP2 video processor engine.

Five models were announced, three of them for mainstream, and two for the performance segment. Those that belong to the mainstream are all based on the G86 core. Here are their specifications.

The top chip will have 16 stream processors and 450 MHz / 900 MHz shader clock and memory at 600 MHz. It can support 512 MB 128 bit memory and has 19.2 GB/sec bandwidth. Beware as 8400M G and 8400M GS has only 64 bit memory and we can promise you really bad performance in games.


The other two, marketed as performance segment parts, are based on the G84 core, and they have some interesting specifications.


The fastest one of hte two, the Geforce 8600M GT has 32 stream processors and a core clocked at 475 MHz, shaders at 950 MHz and memory at 700 MHz. The memory is always 128 bit and it can support up to 512 MB. The new Nvidia's Geforce 8M series will surely find its way into many notebooks.


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