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R650 is 65 nm core

by on10 April 2007


AMD's Shirked R600

We don't know
much but we can confirm that ATI is working on a smaller R600 marchitecture based chip codenamed R650. It is officially messed up with R600. The R600 chip is simply too hot and it has terrible heat dissipation and this problem has to be fixed.  Dissipation of 230+ Watts is simply too much for any graphic chip and any standard.

We are seeing R520 got swapped with R580 situation all over again and this can definitely confirm that R600 won't have a good and great life. R600 will be replaced as soon as possible as soon as the R650 redesign is done. This is a very expensive but desperate move. 

We don't know any schedules about R650 but we are sure that it comes later than Q2.

Last modified on 11 April 2007
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