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Zotac is PC partner doing Nvidia

by on20 March 2007

CEBIT 2007:
PC partner = very close to Sapphire


Many people believe that PC partner is actually equal to Sapphire but it's not. However these two companies are very close as PC partner produces a lot of things for Sapphire.

We were not that surprised to see many Nvidia based cards at hall 20 from a new company called Zotac (by PC partner). Guess what, all cards they have are Nvidia based. You can say that this is PC partner doing Nvidia just under a new brand, you would not be far off but this is a different entity of the company.

Zotac will launch a whole range of Nvidia based cards in April and will try to get to the channel as soon as possible. They have some experienced people such as Norbert Kuperjans and Simon Greer both ex ATI but who you to be very close to ATI for years.

We took at least one cool picture of the upcoming card just to prove that these guys want to attack the competition on the design side. This is how their Geforce 7300 GT looks like and don’t worry they also have Geforce 8800 GTX to sell.












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