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ATI's RV610 goes AGP

by on01 March 2007

DAAMIT goes for the DirectX 10 AGP

looks like Nvidia won't go for DirectX 10 AGP parts. We still find this very hard to believe as DAAMIT doesn't want to let this market down. DAAMIT plans to launch an AGP based RV610 cards and only a few partners will be able to make them. We assume that the cards will be quite complex to make.  

We guess that ATI found the way to make it work via RIALTO bridge chip. ATI plans to use the bridge chip on a new PCB and make even more money out of its RV610 bridged marchitecture. It looks like Nvidia doesn’t want to go this AGP way. At some point in May / June time the market should see the dawn of ATI's DirectX 10 cards, probably named Radeon X2300 xx AGP.

We expect around $100 price mark for Radeon X2300 xx AGP but not more than $115. A new hope for old upgrade market, it seems.  



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