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Cooler Master has a new gaming mouse

by on04 March 2010


Cebit 2010: CM Storm Inferno

Cooler Master is working on CM Storm Inferno, the company follow-up to the award-winning CM Storm Sentinel Mouse. The mouse you see below is not the final version, but it does give a nice indication of how it should look in its final stage.


Note that this is far from just a copy of Sentinel, the mouse looks and feels different and will end up cheaper. The wheel of the new mouse is much thicker compared to Sentinel , and can actually easily be used with both hands.


You can choose between black and grey color, it comes with 4000 dpi sensor, programmable keys and 128kb onboard memory for saving logos and profiles. Maximum tracking speed is 60 - 100 IPS, and the mouse has 11 buttons.

Last modified on 24 September 2010
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