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Asus shows its Waveface concept

by on06 January 2010


Future with Asus trio

We have already heard about Waveface a few days ago and saw few pictures that you can see below but we didn't have precise details about it until now. Asus has decided to present a new concept at CES 2010 show under the Waveface brand, and it consists out of three distinctive devices, one for each specific usage.

Before we start rambling about each of the devices, bear in mind that this is still a concept and it's very unlikely that we'll see this any time soon, but it's nice too see in which direction is Asus going, and it does look impressive and quite interesting.

The "Waveface system" concept features a wrist-mounted smartphone-like device called Waveface Ultra, a lightweight portable touchscreen tablet, Waveface Light and Waveface Casa, a living room HDTV. These three devices will be somehow synchronized so you can use whichever device that you find the most convenient at that time. In any case, the video demo does certainly look impressive.

Asus predicts that Waveface will show up in the next five years and we certainly hope that it will look at least close to the demo, but five years is a long period for a concept and we are quite sure that a lot of things will be changed.

Here are couple of pictures while the demo can be found




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