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Obama goes digital at Cebit

by on05 March 2009


Cebit 2009: 2GB USB flash drive with Obama's speeches

The most peculiar gadget that we happened to stumble upon at Cebit wasn´t anything new and innovative, it was rather plain and simple, but with a great idea. The guys from Active media products company made a simple USB stick called President Obama 2GB USB Flash drive.

The drive comes with texts and mp3´s of Obama´s speeches, like the inaugural address, as well as the portrait picture of the President himself. We do like gadgets but, this was a smart and very interesting idea, as these things should sell like hotcakes in the USA. (Well at least in some states it might. sub.ed.) The stick has Obama´s picture printed on its front side and we are sure that a lot of proud Americans will buy this one.

The company has a website at, and if you somehow missed the President Obama´s speches or just want to have them, you can always find it on this flash USB drive. (I'll wait for the Nixon edition. sub.ed.)



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