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Scythe shows off a new VGA cooler prototype

by on05 March 2009


Cebit 2009: The Scythe Ninja VGA cooler

Scythe has showed some prototypes at its booth during Cebit, and one thing that instantly caught our eye was the Ninja VGA fanless cooler.

This big chunk of aluminum should be enough to cool both Nvidia´s and ATI´s high-end cards, and all of it without producing any noise. Of course, we believe that the case should be cooled well, as passive coolers require good case airflow in order to perform well.

The heatsink itself has six heatpipes connected to the six separate heatsinks. Of course, we are talking about a prototype so some things might change on the final version, but this big thing will take up three slots, if not even more, but that´s the price to pay if you want to passively cool your high-end VGA card.



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