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Gigabyte showcases its 10.1 inch netbooks

by on04 March 2009


Cebit 2009: ThinNote, BookTop and TouchNote

We visited Gigabyte's booth to see how these long-awaited devices turned out, and we must admit that we liked them quite a bit. The company's booth featured several devices, but we're not too keen on the naming scheme, although BookTop might have a nice ring to it.

We tried the devices for a while, and they feel quite nice, and the keyboards felt quite right. We already wrote about the specs a few days back, and nothing has changed since. The highlight is the 890g ThinNote, the lightest 10-inch netbook, the BookTop's dock and Gigabyte is still one of few vendors to offer a swivel touchscreen on its TouchNote.

You can check out more specs and prices in our previous article, here, but for now enjoy the pictures.

BookTop M1022M

BookTop 1022G

BookTop 1022P


TouchNote 1028G

Last modified on 04 March 2009
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