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GMC Bulldozer is another transformer

by on10 March 2008


Cebit 08: New cases


GMC, a Korean company with 10-years experience in manufacturing PC cases, showcased their offers and their Bulldozer and Noblesse K-2 Ebony models really impressed us. We’ve seen another two interesting designs, but they are anniversary models that are limited and won’t hit the shelves.


Bulldozer R4 is a transformer case. We heard some strange noises while walking by GMC’s booth, and then we saw this CD-gulper. In fact, it’ll take anything, be it Blu-ray, DVD or CD. With pneumatic “hands” it can eject your CD downwards and keep it there until you take over. This method of positioning a CD/DVD player conserves space, so the case is 180 (W) x 290 (L) x 420 (H). As small as it may be, it can still house an ATX motherboard.


K-2 Ebony is a successor to K-1 Muse generation, and it’s aimed at users that like a nice design and user friendly environment. It’s a multimedia case with many features that let you handle multimedia easier. It comes with a IrDA remote controller, and you can use the LCS display to monitor the temperature, fan RPM and such. This Hi-Fi looking case looks perfect for home media center since you also receive a multimedia OS called Noblesse AV Center.

We intentionally raised the fan RPM to 100%, and it just went to prove that Ebony is an almost inaudible case.

For their tenth anniversary, GMC made two futuristic cases and we really liked the first one. There was even enough space for a flower pot, and just a glance at this unusual, yet beautiful, case made us drool.


FROG really does look like a frog when you look at it from a couple of feet away. The photo might not do it justice, and if you look closer you’ll see that it packs a couple of speakers on the sides.


We’d like to use this opportunity to congratulate GMC Innovation & Design on their 10th anniversary in the IT market, and we’re looking forward to seeing more of their innovative ideas.


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