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Foxconn to raise pay by 30%

by on02 June 2010


In hope to address the suicide rate

hasn’t had the best of times as of late, as the suicide rates within the company have attracted a lot of attention. In an effort to do something about it, the company has now decided to increase wages by 30 percent instead of the previous 20 percent, but only after exorcists, voodoo, turning a blind eye and telling people that their eyesight is fooling them has failed.  

Interestingly enough, Apple, the company who Foxconn does bulk of work for, commented how the fruit company prides itself in understanding the working conditions within their supply chain seriously and that they’re quite rigorous about it. We’re pretty confident that Yan Li, an engineer with Foxconn, took his son’s life seriously as well as the family claims that he died of over-exhaustion. We’d say that working a 34 hour shift and following it up with a 12 hour one with only ten hours of rest is way past “exhaustion”, but we’re just lazy journalists anyway.

The pay rise takes effect immediately, so I guess we’ll wait and see whether that works out. If not, it would be wise for the company to hire Superman, as he seems to be perfect for the way the company treats its workers.

Last modified on 03 June 2010
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