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NEC develops 4th gen watercooler

by on30 July 2007


Only for its own systems

NEC has developed a rather spectacular looking watercooling kit for its own systems, although this is far from the first watercooling kit the company has made.

This is actually the fourth generation of watercooling kits and this time NEC has added a hard drive cooler into the mix.

NEC is using a 120mm fan to cool the radiator and it spins at a mere 900rpm. NEC is also using a piston style pump from a Japanese company called Shinano Kenshi to further reduce the noise.

Doing the hard drive cooling has suppsedly been a problem in the small systems that NEC fit these watercoolers into and with this new setup, this problem has been solved.

It's just a shame that NEC doesn't offer these PCs outside of Japan at the moment.


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