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Possible new PSP 2 for E3

by on14 May 2010


As if we haven’t heard that before

Crank up the rumor train again, as once more we are being treated to the rumored news that Sony’s big highlight of E3 this year will be the unveiling of a new Playstation Portable model that is being again dubbed the PSP2. While Sony isn’t going to spoil the fun by commenting one way or the other, apparently a number of those in the shadows tell of secretive work being done to build a successor worthy to stand in for the previous generation PSP.

If true, we hear that Sony will be cranking up the promotion and hype machines to new heights, with the marketing of the new device in hopes of building a much stronger user base. The sales of more systems are necessary, as only when that happens will developers start developing more titles for the PSP platform. It has been a complaint for some time that the lack of software is one of the things that has slowed the adoption rate of the new system.  Of course, this is only part of the problem, as many believe that the high price has been another issue, as well as competitors such as the iPod Touch and iPhone.

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