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Apple suppliers used child labour

by on01 March 2010


60+ hour weeks not uncommon


According to Apple's 2010 Supplier Responsibility Report, three suppliers hired 15-year-olds in their plants, while many others overworked their staff.

Apple found 11 underage workers but noted that they were not on staff at the time of the audit or they were no longer underage. Although many sites are bashing Apple over the issue, it must be noted that we are speaking about just 11 cases among thousands of workers in over a hundred facilities and the company had nothing to do with their hiring, so we will give Cupertino a break this time.

However, more worryingly Apple announced that more than 60 of 102 facilities audited by Apple were overworking their staff. What's more, Apple has set the maximum working hours per week at 60, which sounds a bit medieval in this day and age. If they tried to pull such a stunt in France, unionists would probably burn Apple execs at the stake and televise the spectacle. Many suppliers were also paying less than the minimum wage or depriving staff of benefits.

On a positive note Apple chose to go public with the information and announced that it would take serious action against some suppliers soon.

You can check out the report here.

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