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Nintendo's Wii and DS top December US sales

by on15 January 2010


Ahead of the "superior" competition

the fact that even a brief hardware comparison of the current generation of gaming consoles would put Nintendo’s Wii at impossible odds of ruling the pack, Nintendo’s console seems to be constantly ahead of the “superior” competition. Nintendo’s recent estimate put the US Wii sales at 3 million units, but the latest NPD numbers have shown an even better result.

So, the Wii has managed to move 3.81 million units in December, which is 810K less than even Nintendo expected. The DS Lite/DSi racked up 3.31 million sold units which is at the same time the second best result for this portable gaming device so far. 

On the other side(s) of the pitch, both Sony and Microsoft have done well too, with Sony boosting December 2009 sales up by 87 percent from the same month in 2008, which unfortunately still hasn’t been enough to take down the Wii or DS. Sony’s sales totaled at 1.36 million units whereas Microsoft followed closely with 1.31 million moved units.

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