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Rockstar responds to work environment allegations

by on15 January 2010


Why can't we be overworked friends

already written about the alleged dubious working conditions in Rockstar, and now it seems like the company has taken notice. Furthermore, there’s even an alleged internal e-mail going around explaining things from the perspective of the company.

Not all news are negative though as a current developer in San Diego studio said how he really likes his job, despite the conditions, and while he admits that it’s currently not a problem for him, he does acknowledge the fact that some of his co-workers have children and require time for their families. While he thinks he’s still in good health, he does confirm that some of his colleagues have been affected by the long work hours and that there might be a time when he himself will feel like that. He concluded saying that he wouldn’t give his job up for the world, but he would like to see things improve.

Rockstar allegedly reacted and sent an internal e-mail to the San Diego studio saying how they don’t agree with allegations and that there has been no reduction in health benefits nor “ancillary benefits and perks (such as free dinners and massages etc)”. They claim wages have increased with the cost of living and if anyone thinks they’ve been overlooked for a bonus, he’s instructed to contact HR as soon as possible. The company acknowledges that the team is working very hard right now and claims to be open to discuss any issues anyone at the studio may have.

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