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Someone does not use an iPhone

by on11 January 2010


Mac press outrage

The mac
press is all in a tizzy this week after it was revealed that someone did not use an iPhone.

Macinsider reported the SHOCK news that Palm chief executive and former iPod chief Jon Rubinstein had never used an iPhone. The magazine also delivered the amazing statement that his company does not pay much attention to Apple.

The AMAZING announcement came when Rubinstein sat down with BoomTown's Kara Swisher to talk about his company's new lineup of webOS-based handsets due out this year.

Naturally the interview swung to a conversation about Apple and Rubinstein surprised the interviewer by failing to indicate his total dependence on Jobs' Mob for ideas.

Rubinstein said that although it sounds "really strange," his company doesn't pay much attention to Apple, and he doesn't worry about the iPhone. To that, Swisher responded: "I don't believe you." Rubinstein then claimed he has never touched an iPhone "I don't have an iPhone," he said. "I've never even used one."

This might seem a little strange as Rubinstein once actually worked for Apple. However there must be someone in the industry who has never used an iPhone, other than me and we are surprised that the Mac using IT press is so surprised.
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