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World's worse spammer fined

by on22 December 2009


10 billion emails a day

An Aussie
bloke accused of being the mastermind of the world's largest online spam operation has been fined $210,000 by a Brisbane court.

The court heard how Lance Thomas Atkinson, 26, who today failed to appear in court, sent out 10 billion emails a day. Atkinson was also banned from sending unsolicited commercial emails for the next seven years by the Federal Court in Brisbane. Atkinson's used false claims to peddle prescription drugs, as well as "male enhancement" and weight-loss pills, the court heard.

The Australian Communications and Media Authority pursued Atkinson under Australia's anti-spamming laws after tracing more than 100,000 spam email complaints from Australian residents back to him. Justice Andrew Greenwood could have fined Akinson more than $2.5 million under the Spam Act but the government only wanted $210,000.

Apparently Atkinson got a discount for co-operating with investigators.
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