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Thermalright to launch Venomous X, new flagship heatsink

by on08 December 2009


Successor to the Ultra 120-Extreme

Over the
past few years, Thermalright has proven itself an unprecedented leader in high-performance cooling solutions for PC hardware consumers around the globe. With the outstanding achievements of quality manufacturing and engineering innovation on its side, the company continues to seek further improvement in its enthusiast lineup of air cooling products for the most demanding of overclocking circumstances.

As such, the company is in progress once again at improving its flagship Thermalright Ultra Extreme (TRUE) series heatsinks to the highest level that modern thermodynamic applications have the ability to overcome. During Computex 2009 back in June, the company unveiled a prototype of its upcoming successor to the Ultra 120-Extreme. The new performance crown carrier will be known as Venomous X, and it’s compatible with the full range of Intel socket LGA 775 / LGA 1156 / LGA 1366 processors as well as AMD socket AM2 / AM2+ processors. In terms of mass, the heatsink measures in at 132mm (D) x 63mm (W) x 160mm (H) and weighs 785g (1.73lbs) and is almost identical in dimensions compared to the Ultra 120-Extreme, which measures 132mm (D) x 63.44mm (W) x 160.5mm (H) and weighs 790g (1.74lbs).


Our friends at Expreview were able to obtain several photographs of the prototype during Computex, which can be found here.


Thermalright has recently posted a mysterious image to its official site homepage, one suggesting that the Venom X flagship heatsink is “Coming Soon!” and should hopefully launch before the holidays arrive, according to our sources. We will definitely be keeping watch on this heatsink as it paves the way for a new era of thermodynamic competition in the heatsink manufacturing business sector.

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