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Microsoft ends Windows 7 Family Pack promotion

by on07 December 2009


Who cares about families anyway

Although many deals tend to actually last through holidays, thus being labeled "holiday deals", Microsoft seems to have steered clear from the Xmas spirit and has ended the Windows 7 Family Pack promotion.

This means that the previous three license upgrade that cost $149.99 is now up to regular non-festive $359.97 (3x $119.99). While some suggest that Grinch has actually moved to Redmond, we can't confirm it as of yet, but promise to look into it.

Microsoft is aware that users have no choice but to go for Windows 7, as they're trying pretty hard to phase out XP and forget Vista, although users probably won't forget it for a while. Be it as it may, so much about Win 7 holiday deals from Microsoft.

Last modified on 07 December 2009
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