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MPAA shuts down entire town's WiFi

by on13 November 2009


Over a single illegal download

While we're not the ones to advocate piracy, we were pretty stunned by the news of MPAA's (Motion Picture Association of America) latest move. Apparently, a single illegal download encouraged the MPAA to shut down the entire WiFi network in Coshocton, Ohio.

The aforementioned free WiFi network covered anywhere from a dozen people to a hundred at busy days, but MPAA obviously couldn't care less. We wouldn't go as far to call this a reckless negligence of human rights, but we'd sure call it "getting there".

Furthermore, it's pretty strange seeing the MPAA policing the world, as we previously foolishly thought policing was a job for law enforcement agencies. Besides, we were expecting something at least a bit more spectacular from one Motion Picture Association, like sending Chuck Norris, or at least Bruce Willis.

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Last modified on 13 November 2009
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